Family Tree

From the Shilla Dynasty (57 B.C. – A.D. 935) until the Choseon Dynasty (A.D. 1392-1910), there were 600 different Kim family trees. In 1985, the Korean Government found that, from the population of Korea, 270 Kim family trees still remained.

The Shilla Dynasty was ruled by three Family names, Kim, Pak and Seok. 56 people were King during the Shilla Dynasty, 38 of them were from the Kim family.

King Kim Al Gee was the founder of the Kyung Ju Kim Family Tree and his descendants for the next 7 Generations also ruled at some time during the Shilla Dynasty. King Michu was the 7th-Generation descendant of Kim Al Gee. In AD 262, King Michu became the 13th King of the Shilla Dynasty and ruled until AD 284.

The last King of the Shilla Dynasty was King Kyungsoon. When King Kyungsoon was defeated in the war with the Koryeo Dynasty, he surrendered and retreated with his family inside Kumgang mountain, where he remained for the rest of his life.

Kyungsoon is the family founder of Grand Master Kim Duk In’s family tree. King Kyungsoon had nine sons: Mitaja Kim Ill, Kim Kwang, Kim Myung Cheong, Kim Oon Yul, Kim Seok, Kim Kwan, Kim Sun, Kim Choo, and Kim Duk Gee.

Some of the Descendants of the next Generations also held high positions in Korean history.

For example, Tae Jang Kun (Military Director) Kim Soonung was Chief of General Staff during the Koryeo Dynasty (A.D. 918-1392).

Kim Kyun was a meritorious retainer in the Choseon Dynasty.

More recently, General Jul Chung Kim Kyung Sik was a high-ranking General in charge of the King’s bodyguards and he taught martial arts to the military. He was particularly well thought of by loyal King Gojun, the last King of the Choeson Dynasty. After Japan invaded Korea and all of King Gojun’s bodyguards dispersed throughout Korea, the King gave a few of his Generals the land around the Palace in Sae Gum Jung, in order to protect the King if he returned. The King gave General Jul Chung some land behind the Palace.

General Jul Chung Kim Kyung Sik was the Grandfather of Grand Master Kim Duk In, (Founder of the Duk Moo Academy).

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